"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" Psalm 119:105

We know revelations that the Lord God shares can be changed, canceled, delayed, or lessened by prayer.

The saying and teaching that when the Lord God declares a prophetic word, it will absolutely come to pass is wrong; there are unconditional and conditional prophecies.


Prophecies from the Lord God that will come to pass based on His will.


Prophecies of the Messiah Jesus, His first coming and return.

Unconditional prophecies in the Bible, such as in the books of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, and other scriptures in the Bible.


A prophecy in which is predicated upon a condition which is acceptable to the Lord God.


In the year of 1980 while I was praying, I heard the audible voice of God. Words spoken to me by the Lord God.

“When you pray, you allow Me to intervene in what you’re praying for.”


Early Spring of the year 2020, In the daytime, the Lord spoke to me and took me into an open vision, First, He spoke these words that the New World Order and Oligarchs are implementing their plans and agendas. In a vision, I saw their plans several phrases, looked like it will takes months or years to implement their plans


September 24, 2020
I was in a church pray meeting. We were praying about the USA Presidential  election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden before the election.
The Holy Spirit took me into a vision. I saw one whole piece of cloth. While seeing the cloth, it started to be torn into two sections. I heard these words: “This is the fabric of your nation it is split and divided.”


June 9, 2021

I was taking into a vision and the Holy Spirit was narrating on what He was revealing to me.

Seeing into the future the coming banking and financial services crises.

The Oligarchs and Elites were planning and scheming on ways to deceive the people. The people looked very confused and wondering on what to do. The people were placed in a very uncomfortable and difficult position.


March 29, 2022

I saw a large gold coin, round in shape and deep. I also saw food mixed with the gold coin.

The scene changed. I saw looters, thieves and robbers. They were sitting around and plotting.

My personal interpretation: Food will be valuable and expensive similar to the value of gold with inflation. Evil times ahead with looters, thieves and robbers.


March 13, 2022

In a vision, I saw an African boy about the age of thirteen. Walking with his younger brother about the age of three.

While both of them were walking together. The younger brother got very tired and asked his older brother to pick him up and carry him due to his tiredness.
The older brother picked him up and carried his tired younger brother.

I said to myself “what a great love and care between these two African brothers.”


November 2nd, 2022

The presence of God was very heavy. I saw myself and sensed all of my faults and sins, that I repented off. Thank God for His mercy and forgiveness. His mighty cleansing power in the Lord Jesus.

The scene changed, I was sitting in the Courtroom of Heaven. The Lord Jesus was seated in the Courtroom of Heaven as a Judge.

Jesus was seeing and observing the nation of Nigeria and the people. Jesus spoke these words: “Take her out and speak to her.”

My personal interpretation:
Jesus is sending genuine ministers from Nigeria and other nations to speak to her(Nigeria). God’s plan and future of Nigeria is between the Lord Jesus and the people of Nigeria.

Sebastian J. Silva

Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, currently living in the United States of America. Born in the year 1958, married since 1978 with two children one adult daughter and one adult son. Blessed with two grandchildren.

I thank God the Father, Messiah Jesus and the Holy Spirit for coming into my life. Bringing me His salvation and forgiveness of sins.

Obeying God to bring the good news of the Lord Jesus to the world.